Hotels and resorts are a service industry. There is nothing more important in any service industry then keeping the customer happy and the guests safe. No other service industry has the burden of keeping patrons safe as much as the tourist industry, because no other service industry has customers at such a disadvantage. Hotel guests routinely leave their rooms with valuables inside. They can become vulnerable when sleeping or showering, or injured as a result of the hotel’s negligence. So there are a lot of things to think about from the point of view of management, and security is one of the major concerns.

When travelers think of hotel security, if they think of it at all, they most likely think about whether their valuables are safe in an unattended room. Guests also need to feel safe while moving around within the confines of their rooms, in and around the hotel premises and in the immediate vicinity of their destination. Unless they are staying in a country where hotel terrorist attacks are not all that unusual, they almost never think that the hotel in which they are staying may become a target for a terrorist attack.

The hotel and hospitality industry is one which is based on service delivery, and with good service comes good security. Our security is integral to the hotels success, as poor security can expose guests to a plethora of risks and compromise the reputation of the hotel. Security is an essential investment for the success of a hotel, however large or small it is – The guest’s peace of mind is central to whether or not they will return to stay again. There are particular risks that are pervasive in hotels one of which is unauthorized visitors. Any detection of unauthorized or suspicious visitors should be communicated immediately to patrolling security staffs, who are fully trained to deal with the situation in a safe and professional way, causing minimal disruption.